Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Slot Machine Cheat

This is another version of cheat on Slot Machines, the difference is that it can automatically choose boxes from a bonus round that's why I prefer to use this cheat than the other one.

1. First got to the Casino Slots. Choose any seats and amount of C$. Open your AutoClicker software, if you don't have this yet, download it at this site:

Remember to extract the AutoClicker zip to save your settings for later use.

2. Click "Options"

3. Choose "Configure Mouse Events"

4. Click "<" button

5. Click on the "PLAY Max" button

6. The "Bonus Round" is not a problem anymore.. .

Click "Add Event" button

7. Click on the "<" button

8. Choose any of the places that I encircle. These are the position of the 10 gift boxes on the bonus round.

Repeat the same procedure 3 times = boxes

9. If you're done, check "Loop Events" - for repetition.

Place the number of times it will be done on the Box before times

Click "Save to XML" so that you can use the settings for later use

Then click "Start Events" to run the program

I have 6 events because the last one is for my pico's action

10. To stop the software from running press "CTRL+ALT+C"

11. If you want to use the software again. Just click "Load XML" to load the settings you've done before then choose "Start events" button.


If your computer has errors like mine, just click Minimize Button

Then click the program again

Then it will be back to normal again ^^

Author: Heidi Bear

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